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Get through to end then asks if I want to rewind, I do. 4-5 steps not all the way back to my name!

Meh.. :/

I love the game concept and it was interesting, just trying to get the good rating is pointless. The cost to play other games is dumb to me, and having the game continue as you exit the app is horrible and distracting. Unless you want to sit in this app all day or waste your money on this, I don’t recommend it.

Rewind is a pain

Liking the game however I got killed a couple of times. Rewinding takes you SO far back it becomes boring to reread everything all over again. I wish there were more rewind spots.

Too wordy, tried my patience, but...

I am an avid fan of Lifeline's Green Series as well as White Out. This one seemed to try too hard to be interesting, but pushed the limits of credibility. I deleted it after working through it for a couple of days. That was a year ago. I'm going to give it another go. Maybe I'm in a better frame of mind to dally with it. Will update my rating if this experience is better...


I’ve had this for a day and it’s so good I’m hovering by my phone for more notifications. Good luck out there Alex, I’ll be with you every step of the way. The storyline is rapidly engrossing and pretty fast-paced, and the wait times seem real. I am only withholding one single star because notifications have been kind of buggy for me (ios 11.1). They don’t come in like texts or chats, just are there when I open the app. BUT: if you’re looking to but this, DO IT!! I am sure the notification thing will be fixed and the story is so so worth it.

Good game. Too pricey.

This is the worst look for a company. As your popularity rises, you increase the price of the games. It is a very cliche and from our, the players' point of view, corrupt. I feel used, such a cool storyline, I bought each. They're just going up in price, next thing you know, you're paying 15 dollars for a storyline made of of text messages by a company called 3 Minute Games. Not that I will. I'd love to read the rest, but I'll be darned if I let a company use me while doing it.

More glitchy than the others

I enjoy the story and like the premise that you are on a crisis text line (I'm a therapist irl, so I love that!). However, I've found this app to be much more glitchy than the other Lifeline stories that I have played. I can't get this one to send me notifications that the character is responding to me even though I've messed with the settings and have restarted my phone. That is one of my favorite aspects of these games, so that is disappointing. It has also crashed on me a few times. That's the reason I have taken off a star.

Best of the series!

Loved this one, well worth the buy. Hope there are more in this style to come.

Not worth it

I hate to say this, because the story line was interesting, but then you're just kind of left on a cliff hanger. There wasn't really much detail. I feel like it could have been written by a 6th grader. I think there was definitely an opportunity to have this game go in the right direction, but it just didn't happen.

Needs to be cheaper

Way to much money for this

Loved it!

I'm a big fan of the Lifeline game series. I must admit, this one took me longer to get into, but once I did I was truly hooked. I'd love to see a sequel to this character's story!

Great but buggy

It's a great game but some times it wont load it's just the blue screen with the three blinking dots at the top. Please fix!

Buggy a poorly written

Sorry but I see everyone but me loves this game. I think it was poorly written and way to buggy.

Uh.. lag or??

I'm very confused. I get onto the app and I can only access the beginning of the game. 1 story??

Alex come back!

Love this game!!!!! Felt like I was talking to a REAL person. Alex's experience against the Greens is the best one out of the series, so far (at least in my opinion). I hope a sequel for Crisis Line comes out soon. I REALLY want to see Alex again!

Definitely worth it

Totally worth the money, but ends in a cliffhanger, so I'm stuck waiting for the next one. Every character never gets a (true) happy ending, I suppose. But this one, this game- ends tragically. The true ending was extremely sad, but that's not a bad thing. I like that kind of stuff. There are a few problems with this, though. When you click a decision, tapping "X" makes it rewind to that point. It's misleading. Second, it's unbelievable that he can text so much during the story, maybe put on speech to text to make it more realistic? Third, (and this is only my opinion) when you play the other games, you know what's happening, right? Well, why can't we have a option that has us tell the main character what we know? It could really help if you can tell them that you know what the Green-Eyed-Woman is, or that Warping and Wefting isn't as dangerous as running on the fifth floor. That would be great, wouldn't it? Fourth, the soundtrack is amazing. If I could get it, I would. You're sitting on a gold mine! <SPOILERS> I don't think Alex is dead, with Crisis Line and FlatLine aggressively winking that he's alive. Still, we can only hope for the best, right? Maybe Alex and Arika can team up, and V.Adams, Taylor and Wynn be in a separate team also? (The end being where they all come together as a complete team) That would be so awesome, but is only just a suggestion. Anyways, I'll wait for the next game, I'm DEFINITELY buying whatever comes out next

Very particular about certain steps.

I got stuck a few times (repeating over and over again, no matter what I did) and ended up looking online for help. I fond out that even though what I was doing was essentially correct, there was a strange sequence of events that had to occur to move forward. i.e. Say this, repeat, wait, repeat, attack, etc. Overall it was fun playing sleuth, but part way through, you kind of knew (or thought) who the bad guy was. This one took me longer than the other 3 Minute Games, due to getting stuck for a while, but it was still a good game.


I started this game thinking I would hate it and I was so wrong. I loved learning more about the case and helping Alex discover the truth. I really hope we get to work with Alex more in future games because I enjoyed his character! The only issue I had was auto scrolling. Very worth the money!


This is a waste of time.

Enjoyed this game--hated the ending

This was a unique and engaging game. Really got my brain working. It was buggy in some places--for example, I turned on fast mode to overcome a glitch, but even though I turned it back off, the game continued in fast mode. The only things I didn't like about this game were: 1) the random choices: I'd prefer the choices be based on things we learned in the story. A few choices at the end WERE based on the story--I liked those; 2) the endings stink. I'm sure they're intended to get us to purchase more games, but I felt like I went through the whole game for nothing.


This game is gr8 and really makes me want to care about it even more then other games which is not bad but good



I love it

As is the other Life lineGames, other than Whiteout it is great

HelpBot seems stuck...

I wanted to see the game in a different language, so I picked one in the game won't load past the blue screen. No text. Just blue, with the HelpBot header on top, and the gear cog in the top right (which I can't access). Nothing is responding. Nonetheless, the game is AWESOME. Would download the next chapter of this story!

Immersive In-Depth Game

Well worth the money. The story was AMAZING! The main character is very likable and it truly feels like you're helping a real person go through these events! Plot twists, characters with depth, a story that never lags- this game has it all.


This app is a waste of time!


This is a fun game for all ages

Best one of the series

I have loved every game in this series. That said, this is the first one I'd say is "5 stars" since the original. While it uses the same game play style in that it is text-based adventure, its plot, characters and storyline are completely different. Totally worth checking out for anyone who likes text-based games, law enforcement, or just good original content!

Futuristic Nostalgia At It's Finest!

This game reminded me of books I read as a child. There was a series called, "Choose Your Own Adventure," in which the main premise was the same as how this game operates. Way to bring back the fun of the old days and present it in a user-friendly, exciting, new type of user interface! And with the watch version, gaming storylines are endless! From receiving texts from the game, to eventually viewing video content, this game is sure to live on due to its high level of plasticity. Excellent game! Novel idea! Never have enjoyed a cellphone game this much ever! Except for good ole "Snake."

Love it! Please make more!

Love, love, love this game! I think this is my favorite from the Lifeline series. Please make more mystery/investigative Lifeline games! I will buy them all!


Pros Ok so I love the story and the plot and a lot about these game they have good like mystery and all that but Cons So they cuss just way too much it's aggravating and two I haven't fully finished this one but there is a gay girl which is wrong and offensive (she is a potential suspect so she could be faking it) but gay is still wrong Overall if they didn't have gay in it or cussing it would be the best mystery games ever

"Absolutely Riveting"

During the turn of events in this app, I actually felt like Alex was a real person and he really needed my help. It felt really intense helping a cop with a perhaps extraterrestrial threat and the whole story was absolutely breath taking! 5 stars! Keep up the good work, 3 minutes, all your games are amazing!

Text-based storytelling at its best

Absorbed is the word to describe what you feel as you follow the storyline of Alex. This by far was my favorite of the series this far. I am very much looking forward to the next Alex adventure.

Good game

Love the series but I HATE when I pay for an app and STILL get bombarded with adds. Drives me crazy.

Good game

Highly recommend

Lost progress bug

I've played through two other Lifeline games and enjoyed them both. I've recommended them to friends, colleagues and students. While this game seems to follow the same formula for success I began to realize the character dialog is interchangeable across games. Alex, Esposito, etc all have the same quirks, patterns and pop-culture references. I admit I was a little disappointed in the flatness of the character development but the larger issue I had with this particular game is that it lost my progress. Twice. I didn't die and a narrative branch didn't end. I just put away my phone, opened the app and my progress had been lost. Games are an economy of attention and my time is too valuable to be wasted. I got what I needed from these games but won't play them anymore because I don't want to risk losing progress.

Love it but...

It's a great game and I love to play it. However, when I try to scroll up and remember information, I often turn my phone off because I need to do something or whatever. Then I go back to it and it resets to where I stopped scrolling! I was so close, needed a combo, but it's too late now.

I Loved It

This is at least my second favorite game in this series so far mainly because of the completely lovable main character, Alex.

Awesome Story

Great great great game! The story was well done and very suspenseful. Good side story of the green series. Totally recommend this for any Lifeline fan. As a Houston resident, the fact this story takes place in Austin is fun, as it describes in good detail parts of the city. Helped make me enjoy it more, as I was able to better visualize the setting. Looking forward to seeing Alex and helping him again.

Best Lifeline yet!

I loved the story in this one. I don't know how much variance there is in the gameplay (ultimately, there were a limited number of paths in the original) but I felt like my choices were meaningful and the story length was great. The ending was maybe a little abrupt, but that's par for the series as a whole. I feel like this installment also had the most well developed characters.

Great game, some glitches though

This is another great lifeline game, however i have noticed some glitches with the notifications. sometimes they dont show up and i dont know when to come back.

Love this one!!

This flatline is much longer than the original one with the aliens, sometimes it drags on a bit much honestly but it's great to kill time with. The ending was a bummer and very confusing it was like an advertisement for emails from the company that made flatline.


I love Lifeline games...I have them all and have played a few of them twice. But this one is PAINFUL to play. Everything takes FOREVER. I've been told to "please wait" for an entire freaking day (after the rosedale house). And I'm on fast mode! Which is clearly not working. So frustrated.

Stop the auto scroll please!!!!

I'm playiing the game now, loving the storyline! Only thing I'm disliking is the auto scrolling. In the previous games you could scroll back up a bit and read, even when the character is saying something to you. But this one keeps bumping to the bottom. When the character has like 25 things to say in a row (which is being pretty frequent) , it's very frustrating. Have to close my eyes so I don't read ahead and wait till I can sroll up again.

PHENOMENAL (slight spoiler)

This is definitely my favorite so far, even though I miss Alex. I really hope we see more of him!!!

Not one of the better ones

The story is kind of bland for this lifeline. It's also more clear the writer isn't as familiar with this setting. Stick with the other games unless you're just a die hard fan of these. I wanted more... but I couldn't stay interested in this character over someone with personality like the others

One of the best games within the App Store!

All of these games are some of the best games within the App Store! They bring me back to the old Zork games for MS DOS. Nothing but text, and your imagination to paint the brilliant image that is illustrated for you. I'll be honest, I try to kill off the main character as quickly as possible to unlock "Fast Mode", but that's only because I'm impatient and I can't wait to read what the character has to say next! These stories, at least to me, are extremely immersive and actually feels as if you're helping someone else on the other end. For me, 5 stars all the way! KEEP THESE STORIES COMING!

Worst game of the series

I usually loved the Lifeline games, but this one is too buggy (crashes/freezes) and its plot leaves much to be desired. Many decisions make no difference, restarting is boring. Devs, don't rest on laurels. You must know you've sucked this time.

Too much

Too much text. Too much of the same story arch. Too predictable. Shouldn't have wasted the money. This whole "green line" theme is passé.

To short

I really like this game but it's waaaaaay tooo short

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